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Salvador, the Inhabitants at the 2018 WSF for the R-Existences, who Create and Transform

Article by: Soha Ben Slama, International Alliance of Inhabitants Within the framework of the WSF 2018, the IAI (International Alliance of Inhabitants) presented the R-Existences in Solidarity at the Brazilian session of the International Tribunal of Evictions, the First Popular Territorial Forum of R-Existencies and the Network Training for the Right to the Territory of […]

Challenging neoliberal urbanism through the right to the city: reflections from the World Social Forum 2018

This article presents a personal account of some activities linked to the right to the city at the World Social Forum 2018. It explores the process of urban extractivism under neoliberal urbanism and some strategies of resistance by deploying tools for collective actions and expanding the commons. Alliances between universities and movements can play a […]