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Inspiring Practices Show Housing is at the Center of the Global Agendas

The Regional Housing and Habitat Forum that took place this past June in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic was an unusual gathering. It brought together strategic stakeholders related to the urban and housing agenda in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region and introduced them to29 inspiring practices that promote adequate housing and habitat as drivers […]

HLPF Media Gallery

► Interviews:  Joan Carling from Indigenous People Major Group: William Cobbet, Cities Alliance: Tania Espinosa, WIEGO: Judith Hitchman, Urgenci: Leilani Farha, UN Special raporteur: Pablo Fernández, Mexico Representative: Amanda Flety, UCLG: Eduardo Moreno, UN Habitat: Adolfo Salcedo Glückstadt, government of Ecuador https://be/jvpvLMiT9Cky Playlist with all the videos: ► Images Album 1: Album 2: ► Right to […]

The Right to the City, a cornerstone for “leaving no one behind”

The Right to the City is a collective demand and agreement on the need to implement the Global Agendas for Sustainable Development with a human rights approach.   “In his book “The Invisible Cities”, Italo Calvino asked this question in a work dedicated to urban spaces, spaces that were already becoming uninhabitable in 1972. In […]