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The City Understood as a Common Good, an Emerging Pillar of the Right to the City

  1. The Evolution of Human Rights for the Right to the City 1.1. The Concept of Urban Rights in the Popular Amendment on Urban Reform The concept of urban rights was included as a core element of the Urban Reform’s thinking which emerged during Brazil’s process of re-democratization. In particular, it was present at […]

The Right to the City, a cornerstone for “leaving no one behind”

The Right to the City is a collective demand and agreement on the need to implement the Global Agendas for Sustainable Development with a human rights approach.   “In his book “The Invisible Cities”, Italo Calvino asked this question in a work dedicated to urban spaces, spaces that were already becoming uninhabitable in 1972. In […]

Salvador, the Inhabitants at the 2018 WSF for the R-Existences, who Create and Transform

Article by: Soha Ben Slama, International Alliance of Inhabitants Within the framework of the WSF 2018, the IAI (International Alliance of Inhabitants) presented the R-Existences in Solidarity at the Brazilian session of the International Tribunal of Evictions, the First Popular Territorial Forum of R-Existencies and the Network Training for the Right to the Territory of […]

Our Block, Our World: Views on the Global Platform from New York

Kazembe Balagun, Project manager at Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. “Lorena Zarate of the Global Platform for the Right to the City joins with local homeless organization Picture the Homeless for an action calling for the creation of community land trusts on vacant land in East Harlem. To give you a sense of the necessity of raising a call to […]