World Urban Forum 9 – Operationalizing the Right to the City: how small-scale projects contribute to the implementation of the NUA and the SDGs.

Implementing the New Urban Agenda (NUA) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goes beyond government programs and initiatives. It requires everyone, at all levels of society, to act according to the principles of justice, inclusiveness, sustainability and participation. The Right to the City is therefore achieved both through improved sanitation, public infrastructure and other urban […]

Global call for the Right to the City: Stop Forced Evictions

Nairobi, October 11th, 2017 The Global Platform for the Right to the City members, friends and allies from all around the world, gathered in Nairobi, make a global call for the right to the city, and the universal opposition to forced evictions and displacements. Forced evictions are a gross violation of human rights. According to […]

Our Block, Our World: Views on the Global Platform from New York

Kazembe Balagun, Project manager at Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. “Lorena Zarate of the Global Platform for the Right to the City joins with local homeless organization Picture the Homeless for an action calling for the creation of community land trusts on vacant land in East Harlem. To give you a sense of the necessity of raising a call to […]

Defending our cities in a “showcase Europe”

Irene Escorihuela, Observatori DESC Nowadays, European cities are facing enormous challenges. Social rights have suffered strong setbacks as a result of the economic crisis and its pro-austerity management. Civil and political rights are also threatened in this “fortress Europe”, while the extreme xenophobic right is thriving. In the meanwhile, cities are becoming places to visit […]

Quest for Right to the City in Asia

Paulista Surjadi, Kota Kita & Chandan Kumar, ActionAid India. Asia is the biggest and most populous continent, also home to some of the fastest growing countries in the world such as India, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The continent consists of 48 countries and over 4 billion people, or half of the world’s total population. With […]

African Struggles for the Right to the City

Allan Cain[1] & Agnes Midi[2] Africa has some of the world’s most unequal cities[3]. Informal settlements in African cities, and the struggles that are fought in their defense, are evidence of deep-rooted exclusion[4]. They have inherited colonial segregated planning laws that are socio-economically exclusive, resulting in cement cities and slums. In many African former colonial […]

NYC 2017 Planning Workshop

Eduard Cabré, GPR2C International Relations Officer. Right to the City activists from around the world gathered in New York City July 14-16 to advance the Global Platform for the Right to the City’s Strategic Plan for the period 2018-2021. This meeting is the second of a series of three meetings held in 2017 as part […]

Challenges of the Right to the City after Habitat III

The approval of the New Urban Agenda (NUA), as a result of the Habitat III Conference (Quito, 2016), certainly represents an advance for the recognition of the right to the city by international organizations and countries. But this step alone is not enough to overcome the challenges that historically impose on the agenda of the […]