Based on the concepts of inclusion, participation, collaboration and representation, alliances development, with the goal to identify key moments, raise awareness to key actors at different levels of activity and regions, and based on a general understanding about the Platform ́s activities and actions, it was drafted an action plan that will guide the work and performance of activities defined as strategic for the Global Platform on the Right to the City in the 2015-2017 period.

It is noteworthy that the occasion for the creation of this group is extremely timely: within the next two years there will be very important events to help strengthen the international movement for the right to the city, as well as opportunities to participate and influence on the content of Habitat III, Special Summit on the Millennium Development Goals – September, 2015 and promote a strong presence at the World Social Forum and the World Social Urban Forum, as well as at national and local processes related to defining and implementing policies and urban agendas focusing on developing more just, inclusive and democratic cities.