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Grenoble. CommonsCamp: a camp to share, learn and act for the commons and the transition, municipalism and the Right to the City

Meet the commoners and the municipalist activists engaged for the transition based on the commons in France and Europe at the “Summer University of Solidarity and Rebel Social Movements and Citizens” from 22 to 26 August 2018 in Grenoble – France. Organized by the Université d’été « solidaire et rebelle » des mouvements sociaux et citoyens (https://ue2018.org/) […]

Arlequin’s urban renewal: the long struggle of its inhabitants

Despite the creation of a citizen council in each popular district and the obligation to “co-produce the urban project”, the second urban project in La Villeneuve (Grenoble, France) is still promoting a top-down approach and plans the demolition of one hundred social housing units. A strategic alliance between grassroot movements and international networks has proven to be effective to denounce the current state of affairs.